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The evolutionary struggle of this character sees man fighting a losing battle. Earliest forms show the mouth filled with teeth :  c001-2 and later only front teeth :  c001-3. The regular form :  c001-4 has the teeth sharpened and capped by the phonetic :  c001-5 . The simplified version :   c001-6 drastically reduces the remaining teeth to one. But, with all that loss, man can still console himself that many a true word is spoken through false teeth.




  齿轮   chilu2n   gear-wheel  
  齿腔   chiqia1ng   dental cavity  
  齿痛   chito4ng   toothache  
  齿龈   chiyi2n   the gums  
  牙齿   ya2  chi   tooth  


Go out, issue, produce

River, stream

Sad, melancholy

Intelligent; clever




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