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As the year declines, with each falling leaf signaling autumn ( c004-2 ), man's heart ( c004-3 ) becomes weighed down with a nostalgic melancholy :  c004-4. He realizes nature cannot jump from winter to summer without a spring or from summer to winter without a fall. hence :  c004-4 - the influence of autumn ( c004-2 ) on the heart ( c004-3 ).





  愁苦   cho2u  ku3   anxiety, distress  
  愁眉   cho2u  me2i   knitted brows  
  愁闷   cho2u  me4n   feel gloomy  
  愁容   cho2u  ro2ng   sorrowful countenance  
  愁绪   cho2  xu4   gloomy mood  


Go out, issue, produce

River, stream

Sad, melancholy

Intelligent; clever




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