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From time immemorial man discerned the wisdom of listening. He proclaimed from ear to ear the proverbial saying : " A good talker is inferior to a good listener. " The pictography created for the listening ear began with a natural rendition:  e001-2 and ended with a stylised form :  e001-3. His talking about the listening ear began also with a natural rendition, but it doesn't seem like ever ending in any form.




  耳朵   e3r  duo1   ear  
  耳光   e3r  gua1ng   a box on the ear  
  耳环   e3r  hua2n   earrings  
  耳机   e3r  ji1   earphones  
  耳孔   e2r  ko3ng   earhole  
  耳鸣   e3r  mi2ng   tinnitus  
  耳目   e3r  mu4   informer  






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