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A youthful person r001-2, grown big f001-2 and attaining maturity at 20, used a hairpin m001-2 and was vested with the virile cap of manhood f001-3. Given an honorable name, he was considered a distinguished person, qualified as a prospective husband. Hence f001-3 means a distinguished person or husband.




distinguished person

  农夫   no2ng  fu1   farmer  
  懦夫   nuo4  fu1   coward  
  渔夫   yu2  fu1   fisherman  
  丈夫   zha4ng  fu1   husband  
  夫妻   fuqi1   husband and wife  
  夫人   fure2n   wife;  madam  
  大夫   da4i  fu1   medical doctor  

Husband,  distinguished person


Room, house


Rich, abundant




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