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The earliest from was a stylised tree sporting a showy display of fruit : g006-2. As it grew mighty, it boasted of more fruit :g006-3but these are not easily discernible in the modern form :g006-4. The proverb provides a clue to the missing fruit : "Though a tree grows to a thousand feet, its fruits will fall to earth again."




果断 guo3   dua4n resolute; decisive
果酱 guo3   jia4ng jam
果皮 guo3 pi2 skin of fruit
水果 shui  guo3 fruit
果肉 guo3  ro4 flesh of fruit
果实 guo3 shi2 fruit; gain
果树 guo3 shu4 fruit tree

Old, ancient, also Chinese surname


Work, labor, skill

Dove, pigeon






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