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A bar bolt (k003-2) across the door ( k003-3) means to shut k003-4. Two hands (k003-5) taking away the bar (k003-2) signifies to open : k003-6. But there is more to the business of opening than just unbolting the door. As the proverb says : "To open a shop is easy; the difficult thing is to keep it open."




  开办   ka1i  ba4n   set up; establish  
  开采   ka1i  ca3i   mine; extract  
  开除   ka1i  chu2   expel  
  开动   ka1i  do4ng   start  
  开端   ka1i  dua1n   beginning  
  开始   ka1i  shi   start  
  公开   go1ng  ka1i   open  

Mouth, opening






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