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This character, meaning plain standing or rising up, portrays a person standing - not in the abstract, but on firm, stable ground  . Originally written l002-3, it was modified to l002-4 and finally to l002-5. Illustrated here are some human characters, firm and infirm, trying to stand on stable ground and demonstrating that plain standing is not plain sailing.




rise up

      li cha3ng   standpoint; position  
      li4   fa3   legislation  
      li4   ji2   at once  
      li4   ke4   immediately  
      li4   ti3   three-dimensional  
      li4   zu2   base oneself on  
      jia4n   li4   establish; erect  

Plum or plum tree

Stand, rise up


Strength, force, power

Stupid, simple

Cattle pen; prison





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