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From experience, man knows that rain clouds ( l003-2 ) over his fields ( l003-3 ) means thunder : l003-4, the voice of lightning. The original version of l003-4 has three or four fields ( l003-5 ) incorporated in a graphic pattern to express the reverberation of thunder. To man, thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work.




  雷达   le2i   da2   radar  
  雷鸣   le2i   mi2ng   thunderous  
  雷声   le2i   she1ng   thunderclap  
  雷雨   le2i   yu3   thunderstorm  
  打雷   da3  le2i     to thunder  
  地雷   di4    le2i   land-mine  
  水雷   shui3   le2i   sea-mine  

Plum or plum tree

Stand, rise up


Strength, force, power

Stupid, simple

Cattle pen; prison





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