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"He who sows his grain in the field puts his trust in heaven," so observed the proverb. A bountiful yield of grain was therefore gratefully acknowledged as having "come" from above. Thus l007-2, originally a pictograph of growing wheat or barley, came to stand for "come". The simplified form grafts rice (l007-3) on to tree (l007-4) to produce l007-2  - a character no less welcome




  来宾   la2i    bi1n   guest  
  来到   la2i   da4o   arrive; come  
  来电   la2i dia4n   incoming telegram  
  来访   la2i fa3ng   come to visit  
  来回   la2i hui2   make a round trip  
  来客   la2i ke4   guest  
  来临   la2i li2n   approach; come  

Plum or plum tree

Stand, rise up


Strength, force, power

Stupid, simple

Cattle pen; prison





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