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In its primitive form the eye was pictured naturally with eyelids and pupil  m003-2 . When stylized : m003-3 Its similarity to m003-4 ( four ) deceived man's eye; so it was stood on end :m003-5 and finally squared off :m003-6 It would seem that even with his very own eyes man could not see eye to eye.




  目标   mu bia1o   aim  
  目的   mu4   di4   purpose; aim; goal  
  目光   mu4   gua1ng   sight; vision; view  
  目见   mu4   jia4n   see for oneself  
  目力   mu li4   eyesight  
  目前   mu4   qia2n   at present  
  目送   mu4   so4ng   see someone off  

Tree, wood

brilliant, bright, enlightened



Ink, Chinese ink

Younger sister

Door, gate

Plural sign




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