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Chinese ink :m005-2 was first made by mixing smoke-soot (m005-3) with gum to produce and earthy (m005-4) substance. The mixture was then molded and hardened into a solid stick, ready to be ground with water to form live ink. Even though a little ink is better than a good memory, man apparently prefers to heed the proverb : "He who is near ink gets black." committing it to memory.




Chinese ink

墨迹 mo ji1 ink mark
墨水 mo4   shui3 ink
墨砚 mo4   ya4n inkstone
墨鱼 mo4   yu2 inkfish; cuttlefish
墨汁 mo zhi1 prepared Chinese ink
墨水笔 mo4   shui2  bi3 fountain pen

Tree, wood

brilliant, bright, enlightened



Ink, Chinese ink

Younger sister

Door, gate

Plural sign




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