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The regular form :n004-2 is a representation of a long-tailed bird, flaunting its beauty and reveling in its freedom. Unfortunately, beauty has not always been an asset to the bird for, as the saying goes, "It's the beautiful bird that we put in the cage." Tragically, the simplified form sees the poor bird stripped of its plumaged :n004-3.




  鸟巢   nia3o   cha2o   bird's nest  
  鸟瞰   nia3o    ka4n   bird's eye view  
  鸟类   nia3o    le4i   birds  
  鸟笼   nia3o    lo2ng   bird cage  
  鸟爪   nia2o    zha3o   bird's claws  
  鸟兽   nia3o    sho4u   birds and animals  
  小鸟   xia2o    nia3o   small bird  

Woman, girl, daughter

Slave, servant

Ox, cow, bull





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