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The pictographic profile of a person r001-2 presents an insight into his evolutionary development. Created from earth and equipped with hands and feet, lowly man eked out an existence from the ground with his hands r001-3 to help him stand on his feet r001-4 . Discarding both hands and feet, he used only his head r001-5. Today, in the race of the survival of the fittest, he loses his head completely r001-6 and finds himself barely able to keep his feet.






  人才   re2n  ca2i   men of talent  
  人格   re2n  ge2   personality  
  人口   re2n  ko3u   population  
  人类   re2n  le4i   mankind  
  人民   re2n  mi2n   people  
  人生   re2n  she1ng   the life of man  
  人为   re2n  we2i   man-made  

Man, person, human

Sun, day




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