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The sun was first depicted as a circle with an "eye" or center and rays extending to the corners of the earth  r002-2. This was simplified to r002-3  , then modified : r002-4 , and finally squared off : r002-5 . Just as surely as its rising and setting mark the "day" r002-5 for man, the sun's shining upon the wicked as well as the good demonstrates that it sees the whole world with one eye.





  日报   ri ba4o   daily newspaper  
  日本   ri Be3n   Japan  
  日常   ri cha2ng   daily, usual  
  日出   ri chu1   sunrise  
  日光   ri gua1ng   sunshine  
  日记   ri ji4   diary  
  日历   ri li4   calendar  

Man, person, human

Sun, day




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