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This stylised representation shows man's ability to stand on his feet t001-2, extending his arms egotistically t001-3. But high above man t001-2, be he ever so great t001-3, stretches the heavenly firmament, filling the empty space above his shoulders and directing his footsteps. Hence: t001-4, meaning heaven -- man's rightful and authoritative head. Since the growing light of the sky ushers in the dawn of day, t001-4 came to mean also "day".






  天才   tia1n  ca2i   genius  
  天空   tia1n  ko1ng   sky  
  天生   tia1n  she1ng   inborn  
  天下   tia1n  xia4   the whole world  
  天真   tia1n  zhe1n   naive;  innocent  
  白天   ba2i  tia1n    daytime  
  明天   mi2ng  tia1n    tomorrow  

Heaven, sky, day

Too, over, excessive

Earth, soil, ground

Rice field, grain field

Bald, bare

Covet, greedy




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