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By underscoring "big" t002-2 with a line t002-3 man came up with a superlative character t002-4 meaning too much or over the limit. In the ecstasy of double happiness and the rapture of material bliss that followed, man bestowed upon his wife a flattering title :t002-5t002-5   a double emphasis. She lived up to it. Man thereafter reduced the underline to a teeny-weeny stroke t002-5 .






  太多   ta4i   duo1   too many  
  太后   ta4i   ho4u   empress dowager  
  太监   ta4i   jia4n   eunuch  
  太空   ta4i   ko1ng   outer space; sky  
  太平   ta4i   pi2ng   peace  
  太太   ta4i   ta4i   madam  
  太阳   ta4i   ya2ng   sun  

Heaven, sky, day

Too, over, excessive

Earth, soil, ground

Rice field, grain field

Bald, bare

Covet, greedy




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