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From dawn to dusk man toiled in the field, taking to heart the proverbial saying : "Never leave your field in spring or your house in winter." The character he shaped for "field" was a pictograph of ploughed field with furrows and cross-paths : t004-2 . By the sweat of his brow he reaped the fruits of his labor. But all that toll has left its mark of furrows and cross-paths, not only on the field, but also indelibly on his brow.



rice field;

grain field

  田地   tia2n   di4   field or situation  
  田鸡   tia2n   ji1   frog  
  田径   tia2n   ji4ng   track and field  
  田野   tia2n   ye3   open county  
  田园   tia2n   yua2n   fields  
  耕田   ge1ng   tia2n     plough  

Heaven, sky, day

Too, over, excessive

Earth, soil, ground

Rice field, grain field

Bald, bare

Covet, greedy




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