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The presence ( t006-2 ) of anything precious (t006-3, cowrie money ) arouses the emotion of covetousness or greed. Hence : t006-4, to covet. Such greed enables a person to gain the things money can buy and lose the things money cannot buy.





  贪婪   ta1n la3n     avaricious; greedy  
  贪图   ta1n tu2     covet  
  贪污   ta1n wu1     corruption  
    ta1n xi1n     greedy  
  贪赃   ta1n za1ng     take bribes; practice graft  
  贪便宜   ta1n pia2n yi2   keep on gaining petty advantages  

Heaven, sky, day

Too, over, excessive

Earth, soil, ground

Rice field, grain field

Bald, bare

Covet, greedy




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