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A pictograph of the scorpion:  w001-2 was used for 10,000 or myriad by sound loan. When it came to simplification, the Indian swastika : w001-3 ( meaning also 10,000_ was borrowed and stylised to w001-4 . The term  w001-4w001-5 ( 10,000 years ) became the title of the emperor, despite the saying : "the emperor has money but he cannot buy myriads of years to live."





  万般   wa4n  ba1n   all the different kinds  
  万端   wa4n  dua1n   multifarious  
  万分   wa4n  fe1n   very much; extremely  
  万古   wa4n  gu3   eternally; forever  
  万能   wa4n  ne2ng   omnipotent  

Myriad, 10,000

Not; not yet


Ask, enquire, question

Hear, news

Finish, complete




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