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This character is to be distinguished fromw002-2 ( limit ) in that the horizontal stroke across the top is much shorter : w002-3. In  w002-2 the top line is emphasized; in w002-3 it is subdued, not fully grown. Hence w002-3 : not yet. Those who have "not yet" attained their end should exercise patience and take heart from the proverb : "A giant tree grows from a tiny bud."




not yet

未必 we4i bi4 not necessarily
未曾 we4i ce2ng have not; never
未定 we4i di4ng uncertain; undecided
未婚 we4i hu1n unmarried
未来 we4i la2i future
未完 we4i wa2n unfinished

Myriad, 10,000

Not; not yet


Ask, enquire, question

Hear, news

Finish, complete




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