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This character is to be distinguished fromw003-2 ( limit ) in that the horizontal stroke across the top is much shorter : w003-3. In  w003-4 the top line is emphasized; in w003-5 it is subdued, not fully grown. Hence w003-6 : not yet. Thosew003-7 who have "not yet" attained their end should exercise patience and take heart from the proverb : "A giant tree grows from a tiny bud."




忘本 wa4ng be3n forget one's origin
忘掉 wa4ng dia4o forget
忘怀 wa4ng hua2i forget
忘记 wa4ng ji4 forget
忘情 wa4ng qi2ng be unmoved
忘我 wa4ng wo3 selfless
  忘形   wa4ng xi2ng   be beside oneself  

Myriad, 10,000

Not; not yet


Ask, enquire, question

Hear, news

Finish, complete




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