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To preserve written characters from deterioration man transcribed them on bamboo bound into books. Such precious written words came to be cherished as a child z002-2is cherished under a roof z002-3. Hence z002-4: the written character. Pictured here under the roof is a precious youthful character being preserved from deterioration.



written character

  字典   zidia3n   dictionary  
  字号   ziha4o   name of shop  
  字迹   ziji1   handwriting  
  字据   ziju4   written receipt  
  字幕   zimu4   subtitle  
  字体   ziti3   style of calligraphy  
  写字   xie3  zi4   writing ( words )  

Infant, child, son

Written character

Self, oneself

Center, middle, neutral

Left, also a Chinese surname




Character, quality




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